A Practical Guide to Design & Construction

Finish the Building:

On Time!
On Target!
On Budget!

by Wendy L. King

Who is the audience for this guide?


Owners and company executives who are embarking on a building project to meet the company’s overall goals can benefit from this guide. With some information about the building project process and the owner’s role and responsibilities, I believe you can avoid, for example, finding out that the budget was insufficient.

Business managers are often tasked with the managing the building project as an additional job responsibility. By using the project planning and management structure presented in this guide, as well as learning the project components, elements, and phases, you can feel confident about becoming a PM and executing the project successfully.

Project team members understand the project from their unique professional perspective but may not be aware of the roles and responsibilities of the other team members. “Walking in someone else’s shoes” will make it easier to execute the overall project. Architectural, engineering and construction firm team members can benefit from the project management insights in this guide to assist them in a variety of ways, including preparing winning response to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and presenting at interviews. Learn what the owner and PM are looking for so you can get the job!

Students in fields of architecture, engineering and construction, can use this guide as a broad-brush overview of building project management. Gaining an understanding of all factors that impact the success of the building project will prepare you to be a more valuable team member.

Stakeholders, Authorizing Officials, and Advisors for a building project include government regulators, neighbors, board members and building occupants. If you have been asked to take on an advisory or authorization role for a project, this guide will explain a bit about your role and responsibilities — but more importantly about the complexity of the entire project and what it takes to get the building finished on time, on target and on budget!